General information about lemons:

  • Common name of lemon: lemon.
  • Scientific name of lemon: Citrus Limonum.
  • Lemon family: Rutaceae.
  • Origin of the lemon: Asia.

Lemon varieties:

In Spain there are basically two varieties, the Fino lemon and the Verna lemon, although there are others that are used less frequently and are generally produced in other countries.

  • Common or table lemon: it has a thinner skin and more juice, reaching 46 %. Its shape is oblong.
  • Four seasons or lunar lemon: the tree offers a more continuous flowering, guaranteeing the harvest.
  • Eureka lemon: lemon tree used in California and Israel. Its fruit is small (smaller than the Verna).
  • Femminello lemon: three out of four parts of its production is of italian origin, and presents four harvests per year, receiving a different name through each of them. The first one is in september, known as lemon femminello primofiori, the second between december and may, called lemon femminello limoni, the third between may and june, becoming lemon femminello bianchetti, and the fourth between june and september, with the name lemon femminello verdelli.
  • Interdonato lemon: it is a hybrid between the citron tree and the lemon tree. It has thin skin and its harvest takes place in Autumn.
  • Mesero, primofiori or fine lemon: its skin has a pale yellow tone, and is very used for the manufacturing of by-products.
  • Monachello lemon: this lemon presents little acidity and its peel is quite thick. Its fruit has an ovoid shape and its peduncle is of small size.
  • Real lemon: it has a very thick skin and contains little juice.
  • Verdelli lemon: italian lemon that produces throughout all the year, although for that it is necessary to weaken the lemon tree previous to the start of the watering.
  • Verna lemon: its skin is somewhat thick, contains less juice, has a more ovoid shape, and in its interior we can only find three or four seeds. It is a variety that can hardly be found outside of Spain, and it presents an intense yellow color. The verna lemon tree normally has two flowerings per year, although sometimes it can even be increased to three, which are in Spring and Summer, being possible in Automn as well, but through forced flowering. The third harvest verna lemon is known as rodrejo lemon.