AILIMPO Weekly Highlights

We are pleased to present our weekly AILIMPO newsletter, which joins the interprofessional’s collection of communication tools. Our aim is to offer synthesized, objective, quality, verifiable and non-manipulable information. It is simply AILIMPO’s commitment to transparency, so that the sector has the appropriate resources to guide the decision-making of all the links in the supply chain, generating added value and ultimately making the sector sustainable.  Communication is at the heart of AILIMPO’s proposal to generate value.

Spain is a reference and world leader in fresh lemon exports, the second country in industrial processing, and an increasingly important player in the grapefruit business. Leading is not about appearing in the statistics, it is about acting, anticipating, innovating, cooperating, guiding and communicating.
In this weekly letter we at AILIMPO will try to contribute our thoughts on the development of the business, extending the vision to the medium and long term, travelling into the future to read the right keys.

To download the weekly letter, click on the following link:

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