Quality policy

Management’s commitment

The Management is involved in this policy, which it periodically reviews, demonstrating it through its direct involvement in the implementation, monitoring and improvement of the quality management system developed in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, which is a reference framework for quality objectives. To this end, it is committed to establishing, reviewing and complying with the quality objectives and the rest of the policies that make up the association’s lines of action as a means of ensuring the continuous improvement of the organisation and the quality management system. It ensures that this policy is appropriate to the purpose of the organization and the context of the organization and that it supports its strategic direction.

This policy includes a firm commitment by management to meet the requirements and regulations applicable to the services provided.


To continuously seek the satisfaction of the associate and to assure that the services supplied to them are safe, reliable and comply with the applicable norms, instructions and requirements, is a priority commitment of the quality policy of AILIMPO. For its development the association establishes as an objective the development of evaluation methods of the satisfaction of the associates with respect to the services provided, and the study and resolution of the complaints presented.


With the establishment of a modern management by procedures based on the identification of the processes of the organization and their corresponding monitoring and measuring systems, AILIMPO intends to achieve a continuous process of improvement and problem prevention.

Human Resources

We understand that the human element is the main asset of our organization. That is why we promote the development of our staff by encouraging their qualification through continuous training programmes that improve their attitude (motivation), experience (training) and skill (ability), by and for quality. Management is committed to identifying, providing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure and managing the working environment conditions required to achieve compliance with service requirements.


Given its scope of action, AILIMPO has a clear duty of service to society, and in particular to the Spanish lemon and grapefruit sector, providing support services to growers, cooperatives, exporters and processors that we identify as our clients.

The quality policy is included in the quality manual of the organisation and is disseminated to all the staff and other interested parties of AILIMPO.

José Antonio García Fernández