30 de marzo de 2020

Spanish Lemon and Grapefruit sector committed al an essential and critical activity.


Since the declaration of the state of alert by the Government of Spain on March 14 in order to manage the serious health crisis caused by COVID-19, the whole of Spanish society is going through a very complicated situation. A scenario that is repeated in other EU countries.

During the last two weeks, the agri-food sector in general, and that of lemon and grapefruit in particular, has had an undoubtedly exemplary behavior, thanks to the joint effort and commitment of all the members in the supply chain that are integrated into the interbranch body: production, trade and processing.

This joint work of farmers, pickers, transporters, warehouse personnel and processing plants, together with all the complementary activities of auxiliary materials, logistics, fertilizers, phytosanitary products, post-harvest treatments … is allowing, despite the difficulties of increasing costs and mobility restrictions, maintaining and guaranteeing the supply of fresh and processed lemons and grapefruits to Spanish and European consumers. Highly appreciated products thanks to their high content of Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, whose strength is very important at the moment to fight against this type of diseases.

On March 29, a Royal Decree-Law has been approved restricting economic and business activity in Spain.Our sector has been defined as “essential and critical”, which is undoubtedly a great responsibility, which we assume to continue working with enthusiasm from tomorrow onwards.

To achieve this goal, it is essential that our workers continue helping with their attendance at work centers , to the extent that their personal circumstances allow it, either due to essential care of family members, or because they are included in the group of defined vulnerable people by the Ministry of Health. In the same way, companies are committed to do everything in their hands to protect their human capital.

This scenario is going to be long-lasting, we are in a long- distance race, so to reach the end it is essential to organize our work capacity and manage our human resources appropriately.

Society as a whole, and the public authorities ask us in particular not to stay at home, to continue working to guarantee supplies. And while this is a difficult situation for all, we are firmly committed to fulfilling that mandate. Our duty and responsibility from the Spanish lemon and grapefruit sector is to contribute with our effort to help to normalize the situation.

Much encouragement and much strength!