25 de enero de 2018

3rd Report on Spanish Season 2017/18


862,000 Tons of Finos and 206,000 of Vernas


Murcia, January 25, 2018

AILIMPO has launched its 3rd lemon forecast report for this running 2017/2018 season, revising and updating the figures previously announced in September. The new data conclude that lemon crop will be slightly higher to 1 million tons. Spanish sector will continue consolidating its leadership position in the European fresh market in terms of quantity, quality, food safety and excellent service while keeping its 2nd place in the processing activity worldwide.

Regarding varieties of lemon, 862,000 tons are expected for FINO lemon, with a decrease of 4% comparing with the previous forecast. For VERNA lemon 206,000 tons are forecasted. A crop of 1,068,000 tons is estimated in total, a decrease of 4.2% comparing with last estimates.

Comments on the Spanish Lemon Season

Rains, water availability as well as general weather conditions are some of the key facts conditioning the size of the fruit with predominance of average and central sizes fruit.

The activity rate during the first part of the season going from September to December 2017 has been higher, with exports in the fresh market going up by 13%. In the case of processing activity, a reduction of 11% was achieved due to lower availability of lemons for this purpose and higher demand from the fresh market.

It is expected to conclude the Fino lemon season at the end of April, following with Verna lemon during 7/8 weeks giving the path to Southern Hemisphere lemon.

The fulfilment of field notebooks by growers, accreditation by the GlobalGAP and GRASP certificates, the involvement of the sector in sustainability programmes, and the use of standardised contracts from the Ministry of Agriculture that fulfil Act 12/2013, on measures for improving the operation of the food supply chain, will be some of the essential elements of this season.

Upcoming Report: Ailimpo will confirm the final crop: Thursday, September 13, 2018

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