10 de abril de 2017

PRODUCTOS CITROSOL S.A. joins AILIMPO to foster partnerships with the lemon and grapefruit sector

CITROSOL's incorporation on the AILIMPO Advisory Committee will yield advances in effective and sustainable solutions for a successful increase in exports to faraway destinations. 

CITROSOL has formalized its incorporation in AILIMPO as member of the multiprofessional organization's Advisory Committee. By doing so both entities consolidate a relationship that they have now been cultivating over various campaigns with a view to fostering synergies and a mutual knowledge base to benefit the Spanish lemon and grapefruit sector insofar as postharvest treatments, essential guarantees to consumers insofar as products of the highest quality and in terms of food safety. The AILIMPO Advisory Committee was created in 2016 as the advisory forum open to auxiliary companies, research centers and other entities operating in our sector. AILIMPO is Spain's first multi-industry entity to create such an advisory board to respond to new challenges in the sector that require the generation of knowledge and continuous improvements to benefit the sector as a whole. 

AILIMPO's director Jose Antonio García views the CITROSOL incorporation in AILIMPO as “a resolute step forward that will enable all of us to share our concerns in the lemon and grapefruit sector with CITROSOL, a benchmark in postharvest technology and treatments. This partnership will engender better communication, helping us detect needs and implement the right solutions so we can sell Spanish lemons and grapefruits to faraway markets, including yet not limited to China, Indonesia, Singapore, the Middle East, Brazil, Canada and South Africa”. 

Additionally, AILIMPO points out that this partnership was only possible because “both entities, AILIMPO and CITROSOL, share the same values and an identical vision of the future based on criteria of sustainability, environmental care and the generation of added value". 

PRODUCTOS CITROSOL, S.A. is a Valencia-based company specialized in developing and implementing postharvest solutions for fruits and vegetables. The company harnesses innovative technologies and treatments to extend the commercial life of fruits after they are picked so they can reach consumers with the highest standards possible of quality, freshness and flavor. 

CITROSOL's General Manager Benito Orihuel points out that “our efforts go toward finding new solutions for the sector's commercial operators, who face increasing market requirements from consumers and supermarket franchises. With this goal, our partnership with AILIMPO will serve as a catalyst for implementing the best solutions, protecting fruits and enabling Spanish lemons and grapefruits to access and consolidate their presence in new markets where, at least until now, lengthy shipping times made it difficult to do so. In this regard, we are working to overcome these challenges while minimizing environmental costs, and guarantee the quality of fruits and food safety”. 


Ailimpo is a multi-industry national organization based in Murcia and officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission. The organization represents the economic interests of producers, cooperative farming organizations, exporters and industries of lemons and grapefruits in Spain, a sector with an average production of 1,000,000 tons. In this regard, 750,000 tons are sent fresh to market and the remaining 250,000 to the transformation industry. The sector has an average turnover yield surpassing €700 million and average export figures exceeding 650,000 tons to over 80 countries. 


As a leader in postharvest technology and treatments, Citrosol aims to have fruits reach consumers in perfect conditions. The company has an annual turnover of €20 million and 82 employees.

Citrosol recently inaugurated its Postharvest Technology Center and pilot plant, making the company a European benchmark in its segment of research activities.

The company received recognition at Cepyme 2015 for Technology Innovation and was also awarded the distinction of Innovative SME by the Ministry of Economy and Competition.

Citrosol has fostered successful strategic alliances with its clients and quality service, reduction in industrial variability and social responsibility with the development of environmentally sustainable products are the foundation of the company's daily operations.