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Miguel Ángel Parra, New President of AILIMPO.

13/06/2017 | Ailimpo

The priorities for the interprofessional association over the next two years will be sustainability, standard contracts, the production census, plant protection and the development of self- regulation tools.

Miguel Ángel Parra, representing the industrial sector, has been elected as the new President of AILIMPO for the next two years. He will be assisted in his duties by Domingo Arce (Vice- President), Francisco Marín (Secretary) and David Jiménez (Treasurer), along with the other members of the management board representing the various organisations that comprise the interprofessional association.

Miguel Ángel Parra, an industrialist and agricultural farmer, played a key role in the establishment and launch of the Lemon and Grapefruit Interprofessional Association in 1998 and has now taken over as President with the challenge of consolidating the current activities of AILIMPO and lobbying in the interest of all agents in the sector's economic chains: producers, cooperatives, exporters and processors. 

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